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Uniformed Officers :

All officers must pass the California State Training Program for Uniformed security officers. This is a 40 hour program in many skills of performing the duties of a security officer. Our company routinely sends our officers to "The Police Science Institute " for updated and current training.

Uniformed Armed Officers  :

All armed officers have completed the above training as well as a Firearm training course. The officers are required to requalify bi annually at the Police Science Institute. Our officers must pass a rigourous company review for permission to carry a firearm.

Supervisors and Patrol officers :

Our supervisors are carefully selected for their experience and calm demeanor. Most of our supervisors have been employed with us for over five years and are very trusted employees. They are the eyes and ears of our everyday activities. They are well tested and know what to do in any situation that may arise.

When choosing a private security service, we urge you to check for current state licensing. Many companies will cut corners and hire officers with little or no experience and training. The liability is great and we will always provide that trained and licensed officer.

Executive Protection Officers :

Extremely well trained and trusted personnel. They will be there ...............

                              "Quality not quantity is what we are about"