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Uniformed Security Officers :

An Officer is assigned specifically to your location. The Officer will patrol the property on foot during their shift. The Officer will enforce your rules and regulations of the property. The Officer will complete an accurate and detailed report of events occurring during their shift for your review. The Officer may carry a Baton, pepper spray, flashlight and handcuffs.

Uniformed Armed Officer :

The Officer will complete duties of the uniformed officer and also carries a firearm. All officers must pass rigourous training and be licensed by the state of California.

Uniformed Supervisor :

A supervisor is utilized on locatations with three or more officers assigned to the same location.

Vehicle Patrol Officer :

The vehicle patrol service is conducted by supervisory personnel in clearly marked and clean company patrol vehicles. They will visit your property a number of times per night/day and patrol on foot as needed. They will also enforce rules, issue parking violations, complete a report and other agreed upon duties. This is a very effective approach for small to medium sized properties. We also conduct dedicated, eight, sixteen and twenty four hour patrol services.

Other Services :

We offer a wide range of services and will meet with you to discuss your property and security service needs.