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Security, its role is crucial, its demands complex. I am sure you do not need to hear horror stories or current statistics to convince you of that. What you do need is solid and current information about your security solutions from a team of local professionals. From Uniformed Officer Patrol services to preventative security such as lighting, video cameras, and structural changes,Great Western Security is here to help. With the world changing rapidly and the stakes high, average service is not acceptable.

Our mission is to meet this demand for professional security services and to meet this demand with excellence in everything we do and furthermore to meet a clients specific needs and finances. Our most important goal is the trust and confidence of our clients.

If you want exceptional security service then you must have exceptional people. Great Westerns team of personnel are the most carefully selected and some of the best trained in the industry.

Lives depend on an officers ability to manage any type of situation professionally. That means split second decisions made with an educated, unemotional response. Our tough screening and thorough training ensure this. Great Western Security officers are known for their calm, rational actions in the most volatile situations. Our Officers project that uncompromising demeanor of authority. Their common sense of purpose,unity and respect for the people they meet and the clients they serve make their services to you our priority.

Great Western Security thrives on challenge and change. We understand the pressures on managers and budgets and we respond. Great Western Security is leading the way with security solutions that recognize change and precise execution that responds to the challenge.

Our team members would appreciate the opportunity to visit with you and review your specific security needs. If you are unsatisfied with sloppy, incomplete or inaccurate reports, with Officers just passing time during their shifts and inappropriately dressed, untrained Officers, then please do not hesitate to give us a call. We will help you meet your future challenges. Great Western Security- 'Security for a changing world." A Security service that you should talk to....

                    "Serving Fresno California and the Central Valley since 1995"